Upside Down Billboards

Recently got a question from a client about putting their billboard upside down to catch attention.  It works.

Problem with it is the local DOT because they want limited distractions while driving and although studies have been done that prove there is no accidents cause by billboards, they still don’t want them and billboard companies are not in the business of aggravating the DOT.  They’re a necessary evil.

With that said, has completed a successful “Upside Down Campaign” in MA and a chimney sweeper in Newport News, VA as well.

What happens is you will end up pulling more attention and viewers can still read the ads, most of the time you’ll get news coverage as well especially if it’s the first time in your market.  You know what they say… if you’re not first, you’re last.

So, the questions is if you can get it passed, if it’s a yes.  Go for it!

Check out this awesome post on VA Upside Down ads:


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