On-Premise vs. Off-Premise Signage

Why can’t I sell the sign that’s on my property?

Every state is different, however generally speaking when you put up a sign on your own property you can only advertise your own businesses.  Unless you have a permit from the state, the second you monetize that sign and sell space on it then it becomes Off-Premise signage which requires a permit.

So I’ve heard a few times about the “loop-hole” that allows you to put a sign up on your property as use it as advertising instead of buying ad space through an OOH company.  It’s not really a “loop-hole” because you’d need property on the highway to even think about this, plus, how do you know what the impression yield will be?  Who is doing your creative for you, is this going to be something you want to manage month in and month out?  What about the cost, you’ll be over $100k to order, build and deliver a traditional digital billboard that you could simply rent for $1000 – $8000 /mo anyway with another company handling the entire process for you.

Also, if the sign is digital, what about the capabilities?  The countdowns, weather and/or traffic triggers?  Are you going to want to install and entire Intranet network so you can manage the creative and dynamic capabilities?

I’ll be publishing another article about DOOH capabilities as well… stay tuned!

-My Billboard Guy


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