Digital Capabilities of OOH

So, there is a board on the interstate heading West by Company A and then they’re is a board heading West by Company B just down the road.  Why go with one over the other?

Great Question and I’m glad I asked myself.  The answer is Digital Capabilities.  Some companies can take you Facebook, Instagram, Tweets and any RSS feed you have and publish it LIVE to the street!

Imagine you’re a theme park and want to get that buzz and wow factor to your advertising, how beneficial is it to have what is going on right now in your park to the street?  Families having fun and smiling getting published to IG and then automatically go to the street within seconds.

These programs typically take 5 days to program but they give the advertiser total control and a real connection to drivers on the road that no other media can compare too.  What is that worth to you?

Probably a lot but most will add this feature for a $0 charge!  Ask your ad rep.

-MyBillboardGuy  (Downloadable Below)

Instagram + Digital Advertising

Facebook + Digital Advertising


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