When I Need X, It’s Your Brand. [SalesFunnels]

Being in sales, all I ever see advertised to me is “Build a Sales Funnel” which can feel intrusive in itself because… how do they know?

Well the “AI” of advertising knows my job title, the links I click on, my gender, etc. but they don’t know my name, which is good.  Anonymous data only helps, doesn’t hurt society.

The logic of a sales funnel inevitably will get you, the business owners, thinking about your sales process and how advertising fits into the mix.  Some companies, like solar, will use their sales force as somewhat of a Multi-Level Marketing strategy that employs the employees to be the marketers.  The problem with that strategy is that as you grow you’re going to get some bad-apples and they will hurt your brand with their words.

For most businesses it’s their own paid or earned advertising and this is much better, you control the message and the public knows what you want them to know about your business.  Key!

So where does Outdoor Advertising fit it?  Well it fits in the top of the funnel, awareness and even reaches into the “leads” portion but that shouldn’t be your primary goal in using billboards.  The billboards create an “Oh Yeah, I’ve heard of them before” feeling when one of your other channels (word of mouth, Google, etc.) hits them.  It’s a constant brigade of “Your brand for X, Your Brand for X, Your Brand for X” and this gains trust in the mind.  When I need X… you bet I’m going to consider Your Brand!

Don’t Believe me? I’m glad you’re skeptical because you’re a thinker.  Take a step back at the landscape, the full “board” and think about Dunkin Donuts?  What about Gillette Stadium?  Why is DD one of Outdoor Advertising’s top billers and why does Gillette shaving products need to spend millions to rename a stadium?  To sell more razors?  Doubtful.

It’s the message over and over to the market and no matter how small your business is or how “mid-sized” it is, it can use a version of what DD and Gillette are doing. If you think billboards don’t work and you haven’t done much research on them then your competitor probably thinks the same thing.  Stand out by being a step ahead of the game and go outdoor!



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Billboard Advertising Sales Funnel

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